Going the distance

Last week, Kacy Catanzaro won the hearts of America by being the first woman to complete American Ninja Warrior’s regional finals course. This week, Jersey brothers Chris and Brian Wilczewski completed the regional finals course. Chris got the social media frenzy not only for being the first to complete the course that night, but for being an awesome parkour teacher for a child with autism.

Both brothers are great with kids- my two older boys trained at the Movement Lab, and even when the little one was simply being Chris or Brian’s shadow, it was never an annoyance. They understand how kids work, and they know how to motivate, educate and congratulate. But, most importantly, being patient is easy to them.

When this season of Ninja Warrior began, I got to write about the Wilczewski brothers’ latest attempt to win the competition. If you missed that article in the Trentonian, you can read Wilczewski brothers prepare for another attack on ninja warrior course online.

Speaking of amazing athletes, I also got to do a little Special Olympics coverage for the Trentonian before I moved out of New Jersey (more on that moving thing later). The national event was held in the Garden State this year, and it featured WWE Superstars, a torch run and inspiring athletes:

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