New and improved

I’ve moved my blog to WordPress, and I’ve given it a new look. And, this time, I’m being honest from the start. I never have time to blog for myself. I mean, I woke up at 4 a.m., couldn’t get back to sleep, and decided to start work on moving the blog here. That’s the only reason why you are reading this right now.

So, now the homepage is really a homepage, and the description for the blog’s link is “This is the blog I never have time to update.”

Watch. After fully admitting it, I’ll start blogging every day. I may even do several of those photos-only posts. It’s actually pretty easy with the app, which I’ve used to help my son with his blog.

For now, go ahead and check out all the features to this site before I change them. Oh, and remember, don’t hold breath waiting for my next post. It’s probably best you follow me on WordPress so you get a notification five months from now when post again.



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