Totally buying eclipse shirts

While I was wandering around town today, someone disappointed that their size wasn’t available in a store’s eclipse shirt asked if there were any other places in town selling shirts. In unison, someone else and I turned our heads in the woman’s direction and said, “Every store.”

In case you weren’t aware, I live in the path of totality for the Great American Eclipse. While there are quite a few unique souvenir ideas from eclipse posters to eclipse soap, the eclipse t-shirt certainly appears to be the most popular way to commemorate the event, as I know a few businesses have had to order more of their shirt for customers. 

Each shirt design is special, and it’s hard to choose just one. Here are some of my favorites from my trips downtown:

Blue Moon Elise has this beautifully simple design across the shoulders, with the store’s logo perfectly placed at the totality point.

The Cherokee Scout’s shirt is neat because it displays the location coordinates, making it a great souvenir piece. I also like that it uses a word that I probably use way too much in conversation.

If there’s awards for these things, I think Red Brick Deli is perfect for funniest play on the event.

There are many souvenirs available at The MAC, but this shirt is certainly the prettiest shirt. I love how the sun looks like a sunflower in this design.

NASA has set up nearby in Andrews, and I think this shirt at the Curiosity Shop has a more science look to it than other shirts. It also reminds me of Star Trek.

I didn’t see the ladies selling this shirt today, but I have seen them at a few events in the past couple of months. This shirt is great because it comes with a story. The design is based on Cherokee tales about eclipses.

The kids, even infants, can join in on the fun with this cute design from Simply Sweet Boutique.

I started seeing this shirt for the first time today. I love “Thriller” and I love that this shirt plays on the idea that weird things happen during eclipses. A woman wearing this shirt told me she got it at one of the local gas stations.

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