Following the leader

following the leader

The littlest one follows his big brother along a trail at Meeks Park.

Sometimes the best therapy is just being outside. After a crazy, stress-filled week, I love seeing that the weather will be nice at some point during the weekend.

This weekend was one of those weekends. Just after lunch on Saturday, I convinced the boys to turn off their video games, and we headed to Meeks Park in Blairsville, Ga.

Meeks Park is a huge recreation area with ballparks, tennis courts, basketball courts, skateboard park, a swimming pool and playground. On this trip, we walked the trails. According the park’s website, there are 4.62 miles of trails in the park.

grist mill

A birdhouse sits on a tree just outside the Grist Mill at Meeks Park.

We started at Bruce Bridge, and let our Scout son lead us along the trails he thought we should take. There were several forks along the way, with distance and slope marked on signs. We first weaved around to the east, then hiked up and to west until we reached the Grist Mill, where we headed back east to the car. The trails provided several opportunities to rest on benches, opportunities the littlest one always took.

There were a few tears when the littlest one fell off one of those benches, but he recovered quickly, especially when his Scout brother gave him a walking stick to use.

Going for a calm walk or hike is something everyone in the family can do together without the distractions of electronics (except to maybe take a couple of photos.) We were all able to hit our internal reset buttons so we could focus better on our tasks.


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